By Dans Dans

Unday Records

Antwerp, Belgium



What is the difference between instrumental and vocal music? Is the voice only another instrument in the mix? I guess not, much of the modern music is centralized in the vocals, in the message that is it transmitted directly. The meaning of the music is said, vocals in the way of lyrics are telling me something precise, there is an explicit message in the song, of course usually means more than what is listened literally, but the point is that there is a precise spoken message.

With instrumental music, where there are no lyrics around, the instruments take the place of the vocals on transmitting that message, but how? I understand it as an abstract message that can go deeper within myself than vocal music because the message is what I tell myself about what I am listening to, how I react to the sounds that I am listening, the message is myself, therefore, the message is personal because I am the one that is deciphering it, it can go beyond than the perspective of the sender, it is my own narrative.

This album is a perfect example of what I am trying to describe in the previous paragraph, they are talking to my core through music, I receive a wave and I vibrate myself; my brain releases that love chemicals that makes me feel that specific rush that I get from music, which is one of the best pleasures in my life.

I chose this album because it is a special week of the year; it is the thirtieth week of the year, that means my birthday is this week. Time flies and it doesn’t, If I think in retrospective about all my life it seems like it happened in two seconds, but I stop and think many of the memories, experiences, believes and I feel like I had experienced much. Listening to this album I feel contemplative, I just want to sit, listen, and enjoy the movie of myself seeing in the big screen inside my head, the parade of thoughts, memories, sensations, needs that dance with the music, that subtlety of being here, listening, trying to understand, but finally only feeling. So far, this is the best album of the year.

I recommend an album each week, these are not reviews, only thoughts that flow while listening to the album.